I'm smiling. Permanently. There's nothing quite as delicious as being free.

I'm sitting here thinking that I suppose that's what sometimes drives people to do the craziest, sometimes the most selfish or at times the most unexplainable things - because they get a taste of being free - and then they spend their whole life pursuing what they deem to be freedom - and they run towards it - at the same time running away from all the things that make them feel trapped.

Running away from the monotony of their lives, from the 9-5 drill, from the boring marriage, from their mundane education...whatever it might be the whole world is full of people seeking or even desperately attempting to re-live that sweet sense of liberty...sometimes stretching out...frustrating and that moment they first felt it their first trip alone...their first drug...their first kiss...their first wild haircut...their first piercing...thinking that maybe if they keep chasing their desires they might actually feel free...they may finally feel satisfied…if they can just get to the other side, the grass just might be greener.

But see in the end it doesn't satisfy. True freedom wasn't made for us just to taste once and never truly experience again in its fullness - true freedom is a place of fulfilment that never loses its taste...a place where you can feast again and again. It's a place where you can dwell forever...and the more of yourself you surrender to it...the freer it becomes...

Smiles. xx

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