January 22nd 2014

Errr okay so King Jesus totally smashes it! Yay! So we go prayer walking in a red light district in Delhi and literally as soon as we turn into the first cobbled street a middle aged woman comes out of her house and says to me "You are from England right? Come in and let me make you some tea". So we enter her house and share the gospel with her and her family. We give them all a Bible each and then they all start sharing their hearts with us and want prayer for loads of things. Next thing she calls her neighbours and we pray healing and deliverance for each of them and then she takes us to another house and again asks us to pray for each person...and then she calls more neighbours to come get prayer. I lost count of how many Bibles we gave out!! Hehe. We leave and then finish prayer walking...quietly singing songs of deliverance into the streets...and releasing love love love into the atmosphere before driving back through rush hour madness to the orphanage. I walk through the door and my mum tells me there's a couple waiting for prayer for their sick baby. He's their first baby after 11 years of barrenness so they're so worried for him. We pray for the little one. We pray for their marriage and some other stuff. Yet I sense God saying that He is unable to move in their life unless they accept Him as Lord.  So I know I need to introduce Him to this couple right now.  I share the gospel and then ask them if they would like to live for Jesus...they say yes...both of them...oh man how beautiful...We pray them into the Kingdom and give them a Bible each and they are so eager to read it. They totally get it. They totally get Gods love!! We break some Indian sweets together and celebrate their new birth. Yay it’s soooo deliciously heart warming. They leave the Orphanage with new hope. It’s beautiful to behold.

The next morning the wife brings her brother to the Orphanage for some prayer so we pray together for his needs.  I ask him if he would like to give his heart to the Lord.  He says he already has – his sister shared the gospel with him when she got home last night and led him to the Lord!! Haha…so good!  The following day she brings her mum to the Orphanage.  She tells me that God has already answered her brother’s prayer request and he now has a job. Smiles.  Her mum also becomes a Christian that morning. Wow God. They attend church on Sunday hungry for the Word.  I’m amazed at the flame that has been ignited in this wonderful little family…so certain that it will one day set this village ablaze. x

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