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In The Living in Light Podcast, I explore some of the incredible ways that God shows up with His love, His light and His liberty, in and through every day people like you and me! Usually you’ll find me interviewing friends close and far, getting super blessed by their experiences as I get the honour and joy of hearing how God is moving so beautifully in the different spheres of our influence, through their lives and experiences.

The heart behind the Living in Light brand is to use creative gifts and education to help people experience God’s love (through a revelation of true intimacy), His light (through understanding our identity) and His liberty (through walking in the fullness of image). So in this podcast you will find episodes that cover so many different inspiring topics whether it’s faith, family, purpose, fashion, creativity, relationships, sexuality and intimacy, identity, testimonies…the supernatural…being counter cultural, going against the grain…flourishing, growing your potential etc etc etc. The list is literally endless and I simply love the excitement of hearing from different people as they share the gold inside of them and bless our socks off!

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EPISODE 4: God’s Love Piercing Third Spaces with Lu Hardy and Ellie Barrett

Lu Hardy and Ellie Barrett join me for a super fun chat about our experiences of seeing God radiate His love and light so beautifully and compassionately in some of society's darkest places. We chat about our own life experiences of being part of the partying lifestyle and the personal convictions that drive each of us to share the love of God in the nightlife scene.

We chat about our work with Club Angels, as we reach out with the love and compassion of God in the nightclub scene. Lu and Ellie share how Club Angels got started and what a typical night looks like! We talk about some of the struggles associated with ministering to people caught up in hedonistic lifestyles and how we have had our minds renewed and belief systems challenged by God as we confront our own misconceptions. We share some of our fave testimonies from our nights in the clubs and marvel at all that God is doing!

We we also hear about the incredible way that God is invading the Strip clubs with His love, kindness and mercy and the wonderful work of Illuminate Soho.

Episode Links:


Facebook: Clubangelslondon / Instagram: @clubangels / Instagram: @illuminatesoho / www.thirdspaceministries.co.uk

Email: lucy@thirdspaceministries.co.uk

EPISODE 3: Free From Counterfeit Intimacy with Shay Douglas

In this Episode I chat to the wonderful Shay Douglas featured in Netflix Documentary Liberated, who candidly and passionately shares his journey away from counterfeit intimacy towards true intimacy.  

Shay Douglas was born in Cairns, Australia and spent many years in the US on a Soccer scholarship. Whilst partying at Spring Break, Florida with friends, he found himself getting involved in a documentary project which was being filmed by Exodus Cry. The documentary explored the hook-up culture amongst young adults in our generation and common attitudes and behaviours about sex.  

After the filming finished, what followed for Shay was a journey of emptiness, regret, soul searching and reflection before he found himself making some powerful decisions that would lead him towards radical forgiveness, restoration and freedom. A journey that he is still on.  

Shay reflects on his childhood and upbringing, and shares his evolving belief systems and perspectives about sexuality and intimacy. He tenderly yet honestly speaks of the demons he has had to face and the struggles that he has experienced around identity, intimacy and his role in today's hook up culture.  

Shay also shares with us his current projects and future dreams to help young men develop healthy and honouring belief systems about manhood, respect, intimacy and valuing human dignity.  

Episode Links:

www.shayryandouglas.com / Instagram: @_shayman_ / Facebook: Shay Ryan Douglas / Email: shayryandouglas@gmail.com

Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution (2017) / https://www.netflix.com/gb/title/80222248

Exodus Cry: www.exoduscry.com / Instagram: @exoduscry

EPISODE 2: Meet The Edwards Part 2

In part two of my fabulous chat with the amazing Manny and Ayo-Dele Edwards, we delve deeper into what it means to be a Christian creative who loves well and how our traditional cultures often impact our art. We also chat about the church’s role in the arts and entertainment industry and how there is a desperate need for Christians to rise up and be who they have been called to be without fearing what people will think. We also unpack the beauty of trusting God with our callings, characters and the seasons of our lives. In this second episode Manny and Ayo-Dele continue to inspire and delight with their experiences, wisdom and honesty about being bold and unapologetic to be who you've been created to be!

Episode Links:

www.ayo-dele.com / Instagram: @thisisayodele @becoming.live @emmanueledwards

EPISODE 1: Meet The Edwards Part 1

In this very first episode I am in conversation with my amazing friends Manny and Ayo-Dele Edwards who are phenomenal parents, great leaders, incredible creatives and big-hearted influencers. We chat about the role of faith in their daily lives and in their marriage. They share their romance story and give out some great advice for singles and married alike! They speak of their their value and appreciation for the family dynamic and how they intentionally role-model love and community in their spheres of influence!

Manny and Ayo-Dele effortlessly and humorously pour out rich wisdom, kingdom perspective and experiential truth as we talk about some of their journey together as a married couple who radiate the love, light and liberty of God in a super powerful and authentic way.

Episode Links:

www.ayo-dele.com / Instagram: @thisisayodele @becoming.live @emmanueledwards