"Living in Light offered me brilliant consultation, worked with me and gave me the confidence to not be afraid to creatively explore who I am.  It's the green light to go ahead and BE.  Tailor-made consultancy that works with what you have!"
Ayo Dele Edwards - Creative Artist and owner of
African Influenced 

The Living in Light Image Consultancy is for anyone who could do with a bit of support and encouragement with the way they look, their self-image and the way they present themselves.  Or even someone who feels they are stuck in an image rut and just wants to explore different styles and looks to increase their confidence. Sometimes all we need is someone to just come along side us and help us discover our mojo…someone who will maybe go through some magazines with us and pick out a few key looks…someone can help blitz our wardrobes and who will give some direction…or come shopping with us and encourage us to come out of the box.  Or even someone who will point out all the beautiful things that lie in us even though we don’t see it. 

Often our self image is rooted in experiences we have had in our childhood or situations we have encountered in life that cause us to perceive ourselves in a limited or inferior capacity.  Because of the intense pressure from the media to look a certain way or when we compare ourselves to others we can become dissatisfied with the way we look thinking we aren't pretty enough or cool enough...or fashionable and current enough.  It's such a lie.  As part of the process we explore your perceived self image together and sensitively unpack some of your thoughts...ensuring you feel gorgeous on the inside before moving onto the practical side of getting you looking gorgeous on the outside.

It’s a joyful thing to be able to celebrate someone’s gorgeousness and help them discover it. We start by having our first session together where we have a chat about style and personal identity and then we take the next few weeks to explore your self-image. We go through your wardrobe and see what treasures you already have and then style you. We go shopping and buy a few bits or an entire new wardrobe if needed.  We highlight all the good stuff you got going on, and explore ways to overcome challenges associated with self-image.  And the whole time we’re doing this…we have fun!  Soooo if that seems like something you would like to do then email me!!

*Prices upon request. Email to find out more!