Living in Light passionately believe in pursuing a life of true intimacy and in rejecting counterfeit intimacy, which we are so often conditoned to settle for! You see, we live in a world where sexual freedom is promoted, porn is paraded and perversion is prettified. Yet we are lonelier than ever and true intimacy eludes us!  Surely sexuality was never designed by God to be this way? Founder of Living in Light, Bobbi Kumari doesn't think so!


In Sacred Sexuality, Bobbi explores God's purposes for sexuality and the repercussions of approaching desire, love and intimacy outside of a biblical framework. Drawing from many of her own experiences, she sensitively yet candidly, addresses sexual issues facing our generation and offers biblical insight, scientific and social research, practical advice and spiritual application, to deepen our understanding of sexuality, and to bring true freedom within this deeply complex and tender subject.  

This powerful book has been written for anyone battling with issues regarding sexuality and intimacy.  It is also aimed at individuals and couples who want to fully enjoy their God given sexuality, as well as parents, leaders and educators who wish to equip others with a healthy, celebratory and liberating understanding of sexuality and intimacy. 

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