Two men on steam train in India. <>     

Two men on steam train in India. <>


Sunday, 12 January 2011


Just finished a day of teacher training with all the teachers at my mum’s really was sooooo good...can't believe I was able to take everything I know about teaching and impart it to teachers in this country...all in Hindi...hahaha!  To think that I was actually able to help them and solve their classroom issues...hahahaha again...I love it!!  We did all kinds of activities and learning techniques...and I made my mama attend...the funniest moment was when I had all of them playing a game where they have to run when they hear the right answer and my mum bless her was getting rather competitive pushing people out of the way...hmmm it’s like her usual dreamy mother Teresa-esq character went into hiding for a while…hehehe...

Me and kids at the orphanage have been jamming...bless their lil cotton socks...painting nails, playing silly games, taking photo's and having our daily gigglies...yesterday the girls cooked for me and I didn't have the heart to tell them that their chapatti’s were so thick that I thought I was eating play dough...especially as they stood over me beaming as I ate their food...they were sooo happy!

I walking into a door the other day...went smash - right into it as I tried to find my way around in the pitch black orphanage when the electricity had gone again and there were no lights...hahahahahahahahahahaha!  My nose is totally swollen!

Have been having loads of meetings with suppliers and manufactures for the Livng in Light collection.  The only thing is each time you go to attend a meeting they feed you and there are times when you really just can't eat another thing but then you have to be gracious and have at least something...I'd only seen situations like that on TV...but oh me really does happen...but it was warm enough to sit outside yesterday...woohoo!

Love.  Peace.  Joy.

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