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Women drawing water from river <http://blog.ennovent.com> 


Friday, 7th January 2011

Day 2…

India is freezing!! Everything smells.  You have no electricity for most of the day and your Tea goes cold before you have a chance to drink it! But boy am I in paradise! I’m so happy. Woke up mega late!! Prayed for a local lassie whose been under oppression and is in serious trouble…jammed with the kids…played loads of new games and sung some songs I’d taught them last time I was here…we lit sparklers and prayed together…yay!!! Oh yeah…we’ve set up a reward chart so they can start learning about responsibility and getting praise for the good stuff…Anju’s busy drawing it up now…one of the things was that the kids needed to have perfectly cleans nails every day and brush their teeth twice…so before bedtime trust me there was a whole heap of frenzy…borrowing toothpaste and cutting those nails down! So cute!!

I’m blessed. I don’t care how freezing it is…or if we get electricity or not (obviously that’s not entirely true cos otherwise how else is the electric heater gonna work). I’m so verrrrrrrrrrry blessed!! And I’m smiling at all my foolish anxiety in obeying God’s instruction to come out here…I can’t believe I had doubts about being here…about following the voice of God and leaving my comfort zone to come and venture into the inconvenient…wow…truth be known…there is absolutely nowhere else I’d rather be.

Day 3…

Up until this evening it was chapping!!! Sooooooooo cold! No electricity. No heating or hot water and no lights today!! Hahaha! I had to get a candle in the dark and sit in my bed until my mama came back from the market…but it was cool cos I taught the kids how to pray for the sick and then they prayed for each other. It was so amazing in the evening when we gave the kids all their presents from London. My mama had wrapped all their Christmas presents individually and their eyes lit the room as they were opening them (see we don't need electricity!). Total blast…Kodak eat your heart out!

By 8pm the electricity is back…yay!! The room is nice and warm…for the first time since I arrived I’m not wearing two pairs of socks and four jumpers. Whoop whoop!

Day 4...

I taught the kid some cockney rhyming slang today and a new worship song.  They were quite captivated with my guitar playing...for all the wrong reasons I’m sure...hehehe!  They are going for gold with their reward chart...I’m giving out points left, right and centre!

Walked down to the town so I could go to the internet cafe.  It only took about 45 minutes...lol!.  The sun is shining!! Yay!

Day 6...

I'm typing this in the dark because there are no lights at the moment...lol...(quel supris?) so gonna keep it short.  And my darn fingers are way too frozen to type!! Lol! Had an uber divine time today...preached in a local church (in my unique Hindi dialect that only I can truly understand...)...and yay it was good!!  I did an altar call for prayer after the Word and pretty much half the church came forward...it was only a small church and the queue literally went from one end of the church to the other!!  It was like the queue you get outside on first day of the NEXT Sale (which I never really understand but hey...).  Get this...untold people got healed on the spot!!  God is sooooo good!!  Woohoo!!  Back aches, legs, arms, chest pains, deaf ears, paralysis...all either completely healed or significantly reduced!!! 

I was so touched by their testimonies, experiences and faithfulness.  It's so incredible...here, the people...they are so accustomed to the supernatural...visions...   dreams...miracles...and their faith is so very trusting...they don't get distracted by the rubbish we get distracted by...they have other battles that perhaps in the west people won't understand.  But then it's soooo beautiful because it doesn't matter where you are in the world and whatever your experiences or background may be, you become one with each other so easily because you're brothers and sisters in God. 

I look at the simplicity of their faith and their hunger for the things of God and I am moved.  Wow...I have so much to learn.

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