January 16th 2014

My first few days in India have consisted of putting my foot down in my mum's motor, jetting all over Delhi's crazy roads on a mission...to sort stuff out for Living in Light. Untold near misses occur as I constantly swerve to avoid oncoming traffic, rickshaws and buffalos, rev happy three wheelers and horn happy lorries, in this city's ever-present rush hour. I’m so wanting to get all the business stuff out of the way before the fun stuff kicks in. So, this evening I finally leave the lady's place who makes a few bits for me, grateful that I can now totally switch off and let the adventure begin. I jump in the car to go get some food and quickly stop to ask a lady for directions back into the city. She's paving the roads with cow dung using her bare hands - her and a teenage girl, in this freezing cold weather. It breaks my heart. She gives us directions and walks back to her work. I feel as if God’s not quite done yet. Not sure what God wants to do, I call her back to ask if it’s okay if we give her some money. Shyly she agrees. I ask her if there's anything we can pray for her for.

Surprised, yet willing, she shares she's in a lot of debt and doesn't know how to overcome it. She also asks for prayer for her daughter who is training to become a copper. We jump out the car and join her at the roadside so we can pray for her. We talk for a while and share some of our own journey of trusting God for provision.  She is clearly touched by what we are sharing. There is hunger in her eyes.  We share the gospel with her and ask her if she wants to invite Jesus into her heart. Haha.  She is totally up for it...YES she says, “tell me how I can have this faith!” Yaaay! So, I also call the teenager over who has been working away whilst listening to us, and ask her too if she would like to know Jesus. She also says yes eagerly and right there surrounded by cow dung and passing traffic on the roadside they both give their hearts to Jesus. We pray for their needs and talk them through some things that will help them. My mum gives them her bible and the woman excitedly tells us she will read it with her whole family. We kiss them goodbye and tell them that we will definitely try and find them in the same place next week...we jump back in the car...praising Sweet Jesus for the suddenly, for His amazing LOVE…and grinning at the sweet sweet beauty of salvation...we get back to honk honk honking away, swerving in and out of Delhi's life threatening highways and byways...totally excited about what tomorrow's traffic may bring. x

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