January 18th 2014

Today I went to a hospice to pray for the sick and I trod in a lump of human poo...hehe! Nice! Who said God's work was glamorous eh?! The whole visit was sad and heart wrenching actually. You're there surrounded by all these broken souls...its freezing cold with no lights or electricity. Men of all ages lay in hospital beds prisoners of HIV...TB...amputated limbs and wounded hearts. I can't help but weep as I lay hands on them overcome with God's compassion. A little bit of me actually wants to run away if I'm honest but that's not an option right?...because we have something that that this broken world desperately needs. We that have Jesus - not sharing His love with the vulnerable, downtrodden, hurting and sick is simply not an option. So we prayed for every single one of them. God healed many of the patients’ right there and then and I cried even more. I desperately wanted to see limbs grow back and cancer disappear...I wanted to glimpse inside these bodies and watch the HIV flee. God's no respecter of persons right? So I am full of faith. I loved watching the kids laying hands on the sick...they too were full of faith...Smiles. I watched God's love and peace wash over the patients as we prayed. As I was leaving I was amazed to find many of the workers working and building on the premises are people that have been healed at the hospice who have chosen to stay and sow into the hospice. So lovingly were they tending the building. They were helping new patients and keeping things going. I was so encouraged. These healed ones were now the strong ones.  They had been blessed to be a blessing. Comforted to bring comfort. Loved in order to love. Wow. So truly beautiful are the ways of God. x

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