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January 25th 2014

A young man comes for prayer a few days ago to ask for healing for his leg and prayer for his studies.  He’s maybe seventeen or eighteen.  He has had a limp since birth and his leg is slightly crippled. You can notice it slightly when he walks. We pray for his leg and the slight limp is still noticeable.  I share the gospel with him and ask him if he wants to believe in Jesus.  He’s not sure.  His parents are strong Hindu’s. He said he would find it difficult to be a Christian with his parents being Hindu’s.  I tell him that’s how I started out...but I totally understand.  I suggest he goes and thinks about it and if his heart desires to receive Christ then he can come back and we can pray.  Today he came back, with a friend.  My friend gorgeous Indian Medha and I prayed for him.  Jesus healed his leg.  NO LIMP! Haha, Complete deliverance.  Then my friend leaves us goes in to the Orphanage to see a new lady that has started working at the Orphanage School.  While she’s gone I ask the young man if he has thought anymore about receiving Christ.  He says Yes. He wants to believe. Yay.  I call his friend over, who has been quietly watching us pray.  He too receives Christ.  Smiles.  Too delicious.

The friend tells me that he is an orphan. We pray for the sweet spirit of adoption to arrest these boys. I know they will never be the same again.  I’m still praying for them when my friend comes back to where I’m standing and tells me she has just led Aarti, the new teacher to Jesus and bought her into the Kingdom.  Haha! Yes GOD! We give the boys Bibles and show them the scriptures that will help them get started.  And of course we get their facebook address so Medha can stay connected with them after I leave India. You gotta love Social Media for Evangelism right?  The boys leave and we drop Medha off home, as we pop into town to get things for our trip to Goa tomorrow.  The miracles in Delhi have been so incredible.  God has sooooo lavished this place with His love.  I don’t know what is going to happen when I get to the beach.  I would love to just zone out and totally chill in the sun.  Yet whatever happens I have the beautiful faces of untold new brothers and sisters imprinted upon my heart…eternal memories of their glorious lives transformed by God’s love in a split second, propelling me to be expectant and available each and every day where ever I am - because the harvest is ripe and God is eagerly waiting to draw his precious creation back to him…if only we, the labourers would stop flaffing around and just get on it…right?!! x