Green Light


There's nothing like getting the G.R.E.E.N. L.I.G.H.T to go ahead into the next season of life...the next adventure...the next ASSIGNMENT...when you have faith brewing at record level...that supersized hope...expectation the size of Africa...that delicious place of anticipation...that yummy place of being pregnant with destiny...Yerrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

I don't know where you're at but I gotta tell you, WE HAVE SOOOO MUCH IN US!! We should be using our hands, minds, and spirits to be productive and not relying on one job or stream to bring in our income!! We should have different avenues of fruitfulness from the different areas of productivity in our lives.

We were created to be creative...we should have idea after idea being nurtured in our lives. We have solutions to problems stored in us...we have witty inventions deep in our core...

So what ideas have you got generating in your spirit? your hands? your mind??? Maybe you had ideas when you were younger but then your hopes got dashed...or maybe people rejected your ideas and now you feel dead...stir it up baybeeeee...let hope arise again and start dreaming again...

You see...we have got to reproduce...we must bear fruit...not just in the womb but with our hands, our minds and spirit...with our lips in what we say...We've got to have that brainchild...that've got to birth the thing in your spirit and then you've got to name it!!

People name their children...what's your brain child called? Where's your product??? You're wearing everyone else's clothes, using everyone else's technology...eating everyone else's food...singing everyone else's song...when are people going to read your book...sing your song...wear your clothes???????????

Deep deep deep!! Green light. Go. Create the environment for yourself to be fruitful. Believe in your idea.  Believe in yourself. Believe in your Creator. And GO FOR IT...YOU'VE GOT THE GREEN LIGHT!