A women with her back to camera holding up fabric, India. (R. Schmidt, Afp) <http://www.internazionale.it< 

A women with her back to camera holding up fabric, India. (R. Schmidt, Afp) <http://www.internazionale.it< 

Saturday, 15 January 2011

I think the sun is here to stay.  Yaaaaaay!  I was overdressed in my boots and jacket when I went out there today in the city.  Tomorrow it’s all about the sneakers (err actually no...come to think of it, that’s not gonna work cause I’m preaching tomorrow...hmmm wardrobe dilemma...)  Anyhooo I smashed my head into the side of a ricksaw after the dude driving it swerved to avoid a kid and then a bottle fell on my head in another little incident.  Hahahahahaha!!  Slight headache but it is WELL!!

Sooooo today has been tres cool because since I got to India I have been tryning to locate a specific fabric for the new Living in Light collection that apparently they don't make in India...anyhoo I’ve had no joy and I’ve had untold people go and track it down for me and each and every time NADA!!  So today I decided to go look for it myself...through the crazy pebbled back alley markets of Delhi.  Still no joy though.  Came across a dude who saw the fabric sample I had and he made a suggestion of where I might find it but I was getting a lil bit disheartened so secretly didn't actually believe him.  And after not getting anywhere this morning I said to my mama 'I can't be bothered mama...just forget it…thinking that it was just proving too much of a challenge to find this material.  But then just as I was going to totally give up looking for this incognito viscose jersey, I stood in the metro looking at the tube map and said to me lovely lil mama 'shall we just go and try where he suggested?'...

She looked at me and get this - she said (in her Indian accent) 'of course we will Bobbi...there's bound to be challenges when we are trying to go after something...there will always be a cost when we are chasing something...you cannot avoid the challenges if you want success'.  PREACH IT SISTER!  I felt like a light had been switched on...literally being awoken - stirred with a fresh sense of hope I said ' you're right mama...lets go'!  And get this...we actually found the fabric!!  Not just that but I found it at an even cheaper price than someone had said it would cost if they ever managed to track it down...and I found other stuff I needed for the website.  Wow...to think I would have given up and missed out on victory just because I didn't want to spend anymore time, effort on energy on it.

It made me think...as I sat on the metro with my Indian homies I thought...we want everything to be soooo easy...because Grace is so freely available we want everything else to be handed to us...because so much of it is at times handed to us and we just have to receive we can sometimes become so lazy ...even if you consider this age we live in - instant gratification...microwave mentality…become successful overnight by just being in the right place at the right time...gain the maximum by doing the minimum...it sends us a message that we don't have to do squat...that it will come to us...favour will open those doors for us...and yes there is a place of grace where we can be at the right place at the right time and yes favour does surround us...but I think sometimes its just about good old fashioned hard work...putting in the effort...and sacrificing something.

If we really truly want something it will cost us...maybe our time...our energy...resources...our money...our emotions...our worship…something or another will have to be sacrificed...and if we aren't prepared to give of ourselves in some way then we can't really obtain the victory that ironically is already ours.

Sooo I’m thinking....Salvation...the most beautiful gift ever is free...destiny however I believe we have to work for...


Luv xx

Humbled >