Kerala river scene.

Kerala river scene.


Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sooooooooo, another beautiful day! Preached at a local church and I’m telling you God is doing something beautiful - that we really don't get exposed to in our comfortable western world where we just aren't hungry enough!  So we're in a village - the church is like a house church and outside the entrance to this house is a big fat cow relaxing on the floor basking in the sun.

I walk inside and I have to take my shoes off...oh no me feet are so cold...they don't have a big sound system - only a few microphones and a busted pulpit but as they begin to worship I AM HUMBLED!!  Oh my gosh these beautiful brothers and sisters worshipped in Spirit and in Truth.  The joy!  The humility! The hunger! God was in that place.  I wondered if this is what the underground house churches in persecuted countries like China must be full of His this church they didn't seem to have an agenda...they just flowed with the Holy Ghost...and trust...the Holy Ghost was leading...such an amazing was not manufactured...they hadn't been watching God TV...they were being led by God through and through...they knew how to usher in His presence simply by being hungry...when I stood up to preach...I felt like a schmuck...I mean what could I bring them...they were so rich in could God use me...I just stood there and wept (that’s all I ever do when I get up to I was speechless...I didn't know what to say...I just told them that I was humbled because God was here in their midst in ways that people in the west just don't experience.  And then He took over.

He bought a word that was beyond me.  Again when we prayed after the service a queue formed and once again I was humbled beyond myself as every single person that had a physical pain at that time was healed...I don't know about allthe others that couldn't be measured...but I am confident that He will prove faithful...its almost like miracles are standard here…healings...deliverance...salvation...their childlike faith almost qualifies very inspiring...He is so faithful...I stand there praying for these precious souls and as I look at their faces I really do see the face of Jesus...I have always wondered what that would be like...and now I see...its beyond me.  My faith increases with every prayer and as each person is healed I see Him more.  Man, this really is beyond me.  I love Him.

I also drove for the first time in 2 weeks today.  Got in me mama's van and drove 70 miles to the next city...what an adventure...there is only one rule in India which is there are no rules!!  It was tooo much fun!! Driving at 110 m/ph in and out of cars - how ever and when ever you long as you honk that horn you can drive as you please...I honked liked crazy...I took over every vehicle I could see...I let the sunshine which is now out on the regs kiss my face as the smoggy polluted wind...swept through my hair!!  Lol!  It was totally PUKKA!!!

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