Women sitting outside in indian attire. <http://www.magariblu.com> 

Women sitting outside in indian attire. <http://www.magariblu.com> 

Friday, 21 January 2011

Day 17...

We haven't had electricity or water for almost 48 hours but it all seems to just work out somehow...the sun is shining and me and the kids have been sitting on the balcony in the sun eating peanuts. A couple of days ago I made lunch for everyone at the orphanage including the school principal and his wifey...it tasted sooooo good - I was pretty impressed even if I do say so myself!! Now the lil lollipops won't stop bugging me to cook again...but it ain't gonna happen! Lol!  We all watched a Bollywood movie the other night which really is a rarity cause of the lack of electricity and the lifestyle in general...man they were glued! They all had their munch and sat watching this film eyes fixed on the TV...laughing loudly cause it was a comedy...and totally mesmerised by all the dance moves. Pure joy. (I thought the film was diabolical...but hey that’s just me...)

We went to the wedding of some diplomat that my mama knew and it was so extravagant it was flipping obscene!! The reception was outdoors (tres freezing!) on some huge lawn that was easily the size of a football pitch and it was so elaborately decorated - with lights, drapery, hanging decorations and all that jazz…the decorated tents and canopies looked stunning and they had men playing the sitar and drums behind chiffon curtains looking all mysterious…there were at least 50 stands (no joke!) serving a selection of starters and double that for the mains…offering every type of cuisine you can think of (or at least their version of it…lol). The crazy thing was it didn’t matter how much money was spent on creating such an elaborate affair or how many of the elite high society peeps attended - nobody said Please, Thank you or even Excuse Moi, it was like being in TK Maxx in the sale and they were mean to the staff…so sad…but its all good cause I really did have a lush time despite the gangster shenanigans of some of my people…bless their lil ghetto socks…lol.

We took two of the girls who had never been to a wedding before and they looked stunning…soooooooooo beautiful in their little Indian wedding outfits…they looked more beautiful than any sparkling light or hanging decoration at that wedding. Whenever I took them up to the stands to get food and asked them what they wanted to eat…whether it was for their starter, main course or dessert their reply was always the same…”ice cream!”

I was thinking about my mama at the wedding…how God has elevated her…everyone calls her Ma’am Ji…the highest positioned diplomats of the city came and paid their respects to her…she was honoured by everyone…in the village she lives in she is practically royalty…yet she is so humble. It’s so inspiring. Before she served God my mama was down and out…as a kid (during the war…lol) I used to look at her…so pure…and so faithful to her Indian gods yet she was soooo badly treated and she was the recipient of such misfortune…(that’s one of the reasons I knew her gods were jokers) yet even then my mama was humble…broken yet grateful...and now as a daughter of God, He really has elevated her beyond anything worldly worth could have ever attained for her. The thing that kills it that she remains lowly - none of it phases her. I watch her and I learn from her daily…I must stay low...I must never get caught up in the hype of self…like Heidi Baker says there is only one way to go in the kingdom and that’s lower still.

I look at the orphanage and I am mesmerised. I remember when my mama left us all in 2003 to go back to India. The orphanage only had walls at that time and no roof – it was out in the most derelict area and my mama was alone. She tells me about her first night…without a roof on this huge building…without a lock on the front gate - she slept amongst the mosquito’s and flies…her brother who was and still is a Hindi high priest had cast a spell on her through black magic that my mum found out about on that first night. As she slept on her own in those conditions having left the comfort of London, her family and security and then knowing what was happening in the demonic realm as she lay there my mama says she prayed to Christ…'if I wake up in the morning I will serve you here for the rest of my days…but if I die…then I give myself to you'. She tells me she slept like a baby and when she woke up alive the next day her destiny was sealed…and that she knew then He would always be Faithful.

What God has given her the wisdom, vision, determination and provision to build here is truly supernatural. In seven years what one woman has accomplished in the name of Jesus blows my mind. The development of the building, the facilities, the school, the relationships is truly staggering and most touching are the lives that have been affected by her lowliness. I salute her…she truly is my earthly role model…if I had even a quarter of her wisdom, initiative, diligence and humility I marvel at what could happen…but I believe it will come to pass (it better! Hehehe) because her DNA is part of my inheritance...her business acumen...her grace...her strength...it’s all my portion - and I’m claiming it baybeeee!

Before we went to the wedding she took me to visit someone who had become very close to her since she moved to India – another diplomat who had now retired who considered my mama his sister – he always wants to meets my mamas family when they come. Maaaan he was soooo regal, gracious and elegant. Such a presence despite his old age. From the moment I got to his house he lavished me with praise, honour and wisdom that can only come from the elderly who have lived through much…and even though as a Hindu some of the things he was saying obviously didn’t line up with what we know as Truth I wanted to really honour this wonderful man so nodded with enthusiasm at everything he said. He spoke so highly of my mum. She tells me how at one of the orphanage functions he bought hundreds of diplomats, police officials and ministers to support the cause…their expensive cars literally filled the entire village…parked amongst the cows and shacks…how funny.

Anyways so were sitting there sipping tea when he goes to the other room and pops back carrying…get this...a gun…hahahaha! How funny is that? He tells my mama (who believe it or not has a license to posses a fire arm – he took her to be trained a few years ago when he insisted that this dangerous town was no place for a lone women to be operating without a gun…lol) that its about time she took a gun home with her (he had loads of them). His wife rolled her eyes smiling and shaking her head. Me, my mama, the girls exploded with laughter. But he was dead serious. He was insisting she took it with all seriousness! Anyhoo she refused saying she was already protected. Then he looked at me and said “daughter…well you take it then…as a gift from me”! Hahahah! I laughed so hard. I refused too obviously, but I said I wouldn’t mind holding it…so I took the heavy lil thing out of its case and aimed it at everything in sight…

Before we left he insisted we take photographs…get this…he wanted me to pose with the gun…lol!! I was wearing a sari and he actually had me wear the gun in its case across my sari…he came to fix my hair and the straps of the gun holder so it matched the pleats of my sari, before he told me quite seriously to look away from the camera at a 30 degree angle so he could get a nice side view…lol…it was so surreal…and I couldn’t stop laughing…but I did everything he asked…if he’d asked me to breakdance in my sari I would have done it…he was soooo wonderful…lol.

As we were leaving to go to the wedding (for which we were now two hours late) and getting into the car he then called me in the opposite direction and had me follow him round the corner where he took me to another very beautiful house and introduced me to a really lovely elegant lady. In her house were huge pictures of her lovely daughter who I then found out had recently been burnt to death by her in laws. Wow. I didn’t know what to say…all I could do was silently pray comfort over her…You never know what sorrow someone is carrying in their heart. I thought I was just gonna say hey to someone's neighbour. Its deep.

Before I left his house my mums wonderful brother (and my new uncle) gave me an envelope with such love – he asked me to look in it with joy and pride and in it was 251 rupees for me. How beautiful. By western standards that’s about four pounds but for an elderly couple in their eighties who don’t have to do squat that’s huge…and I was so touched and blessed to be the recipient of such an honourable blessing. I’m gonna spend it with joy…but myself something pretty to wear…but it can't be just be any old thing...it obviously has to be something that looks good with a gun…lol…


The farmer is chasing after his oxen (or bullocks as they are called in 
India and Australia). These Oxen are used to plough land by many farmers
 in India.  (Image source:  Anoop Negi )

The farmer is chasing after his oxen (or bullocks as they are called in India and Australia). These Oxen are used to plough land by many farmers in India. (Image source: Anoop Negi)

Thursday, 27 January 2011


Oh me gosh...haven't blogged for ages...but God just dropped a SUDDENLY that I just gotta share!! Yaaaaay!!

Anyways so me and my mama are having dinner at our favourite restaurant on the beach...had a chicken sizzler...delish...anyhoo so a German dude asks if he could sit next to us and obviously we says sure...then we start talking and later he invites a lady called Sylvia over - (someone he met yesterday) to our table and we all start having a good old chinwag...

We end up sitting there for hours because before you know it we've shared the gospel with them both and although they had experienced Reiki and the new age, Buddhism and even gravitated towards Hinduism they were two people who were seeking Truth - on their own beautiful journeys! Sylvia a beautiful beautiful person was a Christian but not practising and she had such an open spirit...so did Tilman the German gentlemen. By the time the evening was done they had truly encountered LIFE - not counterfeit life but the Way, Truth and the Life!!! It was beautiful...just to see their eyes open and their minds become enlightened as each moment unfolded. They allowed me to share so much and my mama - the evangelist - bless her - shared with them too. (My mama comes back every day from her morning walk and amazes me with her stories of all the different people she's shared with while she's been out walking on the beach! Go mama...go mama...go...love it)

Imagine...so then we're at the dinner table in a packed full restaurant on this beach and we end up praying for their needs...it was soooooo good...all of us holding hands as they bought up prayer request after prayer request like little children so full of faith - I know God was delighted in them. And they were so compassionate, wanting prayer for people in their lives that were sick and things that they needed wisdom for.  I could see God was touching them in front of our very eyes. The presence of God was actually causing them to be radiant. Honestly...it was sooo very beautiful!!

Hmmmm I feel so happy. Having a really incredible time out here. The beach is beautiful and I’m just soaking up those rays...just taking it easy peasy lemon sqeezy!

Today I came across too many cows on the beach...and way too many Indians...lol! Is that really bad for me to say??? The cows just come and bug you and well lets face it so do the Indians!!! Hahahaha!


Monday, 7 February 2011

Papa's little girl...

Something that came to me as a lay on the beach...dedicated to all the women in my life...His beautiful daughters... each and every one of you...so very amazing...so very precious...

When you're doubting that His promise

will ever come through

And it seems like Your blessing

is at the back of the Queue

Girl, don't be sweating,

cause His Word He ain't forgetting

Because you're Papa's little girl


When your dreams seem far away

And your aspirations are almost dead

When all you had once hoped for

Is just a notion in your head

Babe chill, for He's the One that begun

And in you the good work will be done

Because you're still His little girl


When your home painfully falls apart

And your family shatters to pieces

When love flees the nest like a bird

And life as you knew it, ceases.

Precious, let your soul know,

He'll will again make you whole,

Because you're still His little girl.


When you're lonely and in waiting

And romance has not been true

When Valentines and birthdays sucks,

because its just you and you

Beloved, seek and you'll discover

you're being romanced by your Papa

Cause you're still His little girl.


When impurity has stained your veil

And it seems there's no turning back

You long to be clean again

But your shame won't change the facts

Sugar, be condemned no more - instead,

let Him come and lift your head

Cause you're still His little girl.


When healing has long eluded you

And sickness is still your struggle

When prayers now seem futile

And that prophecy's a puzzle

Sweetheart know that He hurts with you

As you lament He's weeping too

Because you're still His little girl


When age seems to have passed you by

And you're biological clock is through

When your womb still remains barren

Your heart yearning for its fruit

Sister, recall, Love author's your fate

And His timing is never EVER late

Because you're still His little girl.


When your spirits dry, your heart is cold

And its been eons since you sang

When you've forgotten what it feels like

To have His Glory weigh down your hands

Honey, boldly come to the throne of Grace

And let His Love cause all else to fade

Cause you're still His little girl


When that song is just a thought

And the album's nowhere in sight

When your mind's constantly blocked

And creativity is a fight

Darling, remember He's seated on the throne,

and His Spirit will never leave you alone,

Cause you're still His little girl


Whatever you might be going through

Whatever's become you're world

Whatever age, stage or place you're at,

Whatever lie you've been told

Lollipop, He's got your back,

Declare that you'll never lack

Because you'll always always be...

Papa's little girl.


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