An elderly woman begs for alms on a roadside in the old part of New 
Delhi, India, Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2010. (AP Photo/Rajesh Kumar Singh)

An elderly woman begs for alms on a roadside in the old part of New Delhi, India, Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2010. (AP Photo/Rajesh Kumar Singh)

11th June 2011

Mid Morning Miracles...

Yay...pukka encounter!!...Me and my mama are sitting in the jewellers waiting for her to sort something out.  It's just us and three members of staff...everyone's talking about a doctor they all went to see and even dragged my mum to, a while back...soon after everyone including my mama is in stitches recalling how the dude they took my mum to see was such a cowboy - that during my mums visit he randomly took out a pair of pliers (no joke) and started pinching her with them...telling her she would be fine soon with this technique.  Hahaha...Indians are too funny...anyhoo after they had laughed themselves silly one of the men then got serious and recommended another doctor that he'd been seeing lately about the pain in his body...My mama says naaah it's okay - I’ll just trust my God - He'll heal me.  The dude doesn't seem that convinced.  He insists my mama gives this new therapist a go...saying that he's even had some improvement in his headaches since he's been to visit this new guy - although apparently he was still in pain in other areas of his body.

We get up and turn towards the door to leave the shop, but all I can hear in my head is that this man's in pain.  I turn around and ask him if he's experiencing any pain right now and he says yes...he can't move his neck and his shoulder and arm are in pain...I ask him if I can pray for him before I go and he says ok.  So I pray for him to be restored to God's original intention for this mans health...I ask him how he's feeling and whether there's an improvement...he says yes but his arm still has a little we pray again.

BAM! Jesus TOTALLY heals him!!  No word of lie...the dude is gobsmacked - he doesn't know what to say...he unbuttons his shirt to show us where he couldn't move before...he's lifting up all his arms and is sooo baffed that he's not in ANY pain whatsoever!!  Hahahahahaha!  I LOVE IT!  I told him...JESUS DID THAT!!  That's how amazing He is!

Throughout the day I've been marvelling at God's love.  How does He do does He heal and comfort and love like He does...all at the same time in a million places...for millions of souls...How does He single people out day in day out and release His goodness on them without them even knowing who He is...I mean for crying out loud we serve the most AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, LOVER ever!!  OH HOW HE LOVES!!  And to think He uses ordinary people everyday to bring forth His heavenly culture...maaaan He is something else.

I was touched deeply today in another encounter's all of a sudden come to the forefront of my mind.  We were in the city centre this evening and there was a beggar that approached us for some money and so my mama gave him some. I asked him if I could pray for him, as he had one leg that was so messed up it stuck out in the opposite direction and his foot was completely turned and disjointed. He was paralysed. As I prayed for him...he looked into my eyes and even though he couldn't understand what I was saying, in the most faith filled, sincere child like manner he touched and agreed with me over his healing...nodding his head again and again in agreement with all that I was speaking over him. He didn't get healed but something else happened. I can't explain it, but I believe he received something worth so much more than what a physical healing could bring.  As I’m typing this I have began to weep uncontrollably...oh my's hitting me as I’m typing these words...I can feel God's love for him...a disabled beggar from the slums of Delhi has captured the Fathers heart. It's so deep...oh my gosh...the Father's love is so deep. God's love for this precious precious beggar is like a raging fire. It's such a tender quietening thing. 


Selah.  Wow, so much to think about.  Amazing Grace.  How sweet the sound.



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