Undiluted Joy

If we don't laugh we will surely die. If we don't find that pure place where we regularly just crack up and topple over in fits of hysterical laughter, something will surely die deep inside. We were created to laugh. We were created to laugh with one another.  With laughter life is enriched.  I love this shot of the girls from the very first Living in Light shoot.  It radiates absolute joy. Undiluted.

It captures so effortlessly the delightful bliss of an abundant life. This shot I guess has it all...fun, fashion, friendship...all that the magazines indicate, an independent chick aspires to have in her life...but the beautiful thing is that it's not an orchestrated shot.

It's not a facade, manipulated to evoke an emotion so that people will see it, want to be it and then realise one day that it's just an illusion...let's face it, most of the time the shots we see in magazines and adverts are all just that - a fantasy - and behind all the airbrushing, smiley faces and perfect features are the lies, heartache and reality.

Yet contrary to some of the magazines and billboards out there this snap of the girls is to me, a beautiful snapshot of a truly joyful life...its a delicious glimpse of being able to actually have it all...it tells me that you can be stylish...sassy and sincerely happy...without compromising, without pretending and without selling out. So many of us have at one point or another compromised ourselves to be happy...we've relied on something or someone to make us happy...we've sometimes settled for the worst in a bid to get a glimpse of the best...we've stepped on others to satisfy our pleasure...i'm sure we've all been guilty of looking for happiness in all the wrong places...we've all even pretended to be happy when inside we feel like CRAP! Lol!

But this picture tells a different story. In fact I know it's not even a story because I was there. It's a picture of deep joy - it's not a moment of happiness based on circumstances...nor is it an outcome of looking so hot (obviously wearing the Bianca Pants would make anyone look hot). It's not laughter induced pride, by drink, drugs, people pleasing or false confidence.

It's pure undiluted joy, an inner confidence, a calm delight that comes from them knowing who they are and whose they are. What about you. Do you know who you are? Do you know whose you are??? Does it bring you joy?

Whats the joyometer in your life saying. Where's your inner delight coming from...What's your confidence in?

UNDILUTED JOY. It's yours if you want it.

Photography by Michelle Moreland.

Models: Anna Omak, Robyn Matthews & Annabel Spooner