New Wineskins

Everybody wants to Sparkle

"When you look at me do I sparkle?"…That's what Mahoney asked the accountant in the film Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium….I watched it with my niece a while ago…when she said that I thought…cheesy cheesy lemon squeezy…but then I couldn't help but think about it a little bit more…and actually Mahoney I'm tres sorry for thinking you were mega corny…because as it happens you're not at all corny - you're just like everyone else!!

Because that's everyone's heart isn't it…to sparkle…obviously some want to sparkle more than everybody in the whole wide world…but that's not really how it should be…you can't live your life trying to be better or fitter or prettier…or more talented than everybody else…you just have to remain true to yourself and sparkle in your own special way.  That's reassuring isn't it - to know that you don't have to be the BEST EVERYTHING, only the BEST YOU…but it also means that you have to be rather darn militant about anything that tries to get in the way of this happening…

Soooooooo, as you and I prepare to enter a new year lets endeavour to get rid of everything in our lil old lives that stops us from illuminating…I'm telling ya…I reckon we'll all be walking around with invisible shades on throughout this coming year  with the sheer illumination of the lives that surround us…including mine…including yours…x x x