Someone's Love Encounter

Your Heart is an Empty Room by Danuva.

Your Heart is an Empty Room by Danuva.

On Tuesday I was walking back from the cashpoint near my house and I saw a friend of a friend. She used to attend church when she was younger but was now far from the Lord. I asked her how she was and she shared that she was going through some heavyweight challenges - I asked if she had a minute to come to mine so we could pray and she agreed.  God so beautifully ministered to her brokenness as we sat on my sofa praying could see hope arising with each moment that passed... until she finally ended up recommitting her life to the Lord right there, and we were able to pray her back into the kingdom. Yay for Jesus!! When I blessed her with some money (we all know that when God sets up a moment like this AFTER you've already been to the bank its pretty obvious He's telling you to put your money where you mouth is...haha)...she almost wept. Couldn't believe that God would show up like that...she said that she had been given reason to hope again!!

Smiles...As she left my flat a short while later she was visibly changed...she had a sparkle in her eyes and a kick in her step! She said that something like that had never happened to her before - she was so stunned. As she left, it got me thinking...that, as Christians, we can become so familiar with Gods incredible grace signs and love wonders in the kingdom - you know, get accustomed to living these amazingly miraculous lives that daily expect God to show up on our behalf with His glorious provision...strength...healing...and loving embrace...yet there are souls out there who have never once had a miraculous love encounter in their entire lives...never "knowingly" experienced God lavishing His goodness on them in a relevant and personal way...yet ONE of these encounters could radically change their day...their situation...their lives...their eternity...OH WOW...IF ONLY THE LOST AND BROKEN COULD ENCOUNTER HIS BEAUTIFUL LOVE...

"But how can people call for help if they don't know who to trust? And how can they know who to trust if they haven't heard of the One who can be trusted? And how can they hear if nobody tells them?" (Romans 10:14 MSG).

As I read this scripture I am reminded afresh that... every day, I am faced with a choice to tell other's about the One who can be trusted...every day I have untold opportunities to be a bridge between God and man...every single day, I am someone's LOVE ENCOUNTER...just waiting to happen. x

Jun Ai...True Love

Soooooooooooo I went to the House of Lords to see a Film screening...An Angel Award winning Japanese film called Jun Ai...obviously I made sure I looked half decent seeing as I wanted to look nice for all the Lords, Earls and Ladies...and at the same time I wanted to avoid getting arrested or raising any suspicions...i'm serious...smiles...the amount of police presence at Parliment always makes me think they'll arrest someone just to kill time...its funny how there's always far more police than visitors...but don't ya just love our uniformed angels...always without fail soooo polite and cute...bless our nations 5.O!!!

Sooooo this film Jun Ai...Oh me gosh...definitely a fab watch...set in the 40's in China when Japan invaded them and the Chinese were mistreated by the Japanese military hardcore...but there were Japanese refugees that fled to China for safety who then had to deal with the hatred of the Chinese...anyhoo the film looks at the relationship between a Chinese man and Japanese woman and how true love overcomes everything...a real heart-warming story which also raises awareness about childbirth and the poor conditions in which babies are delivered around the world...seriously moving...thought provoking for sure!

  Keiko Kobayasi


Keiko Kobayasi

See the thing was this wasn't the film so much that moved me...but the heart behind it... Keiko Kobayasi, the woman who produced the film also starred in it...and we met the entire cast who were promoting the film...obviously people promote their films...but they were doing so, not from a place of selfish gain but as a vessel to promote peace across were truly seeking to promote JUN AI...True enlarged my heart...this lovely lady is going around the world with this beautiful story that she used her talents and gifts to make and star in and now she is using her compassion, gift of communication and sheer determination to use the film as a platform for world peace...and she's not even in a beauty pageant!!  (Not that she couldn't be - she's pretty darn beautiful).

Not only that but Jun Ai is actually a charity that helps children - many schools around the Far East have been built from the proceeds from this film!!  It's mental!!  Soooo beautiful!   And as I sat there in the House of Lords I was so touched by the humanitarian spirit and generosity of all those involved...people that want to be a blessing...want to see the world become a better place...people that have used their position, wealth and heart to find the best surroundings...the best platform and most suited connections to raise both awareness and well needed funds to help someone...

Common enough in the Christian world...yes...but the reason I was touched is because faith did not even come into it...this wasn't a Christian charity but a humanitarian one (even though I realise that it is the love of God in you that drives you to be good to others whether you know Him or not) was people that didn't know God wanting to reach out in love!!  Sometimes as Christians we can think that its only in a Christian capacity that compassion can truly be effective...but I was struck by the good will and empathy of these beautiful souls who have not yet even truly encountered a heavenly LOVE but out of what they have they gave...beautiful...beautiful...beautiful!!

Definitely a thought provoking experience for I welcome...anything that humbles me and keeps my heart in check is much needed cause you know how that yucky pride creeps in if you don't keep reminding yourself of the amazing goodness in others!! If you want to find out more about this beautiful art movement and how you can donate to the JUN AI organisation contact the guys at The Wisdom Trust who are their contact in the

In terms of life pour moi...well what can I's exactly three months today since I left my job as a teacher and the joy just continues to knock me out...its scandalous...still totally on the creative flex...filling up my days with making...writing...thinking...being...  loving...delicious delicious days of discovery!!  The new collection should be on line soon so check out over the next few weeks to see the fun stuff I've put on there and yes feel free to go ahead and buy everything!!