Words of Life

I have always made cards - ever since I can remember. Not even sure know how young I was when I first started sharing my inners by means of a letter or handmade card. I just know that I have most often demonstrated my love, appreciation and thoughts in this way.  I guess it's because my prime love language is Words of Affirmation- not that I am confined to Words of Affirmation alone - don't get me wrong I also love the demonstration of Time, Gifts, Acts of Service and Physical Touch as ways to show someone how much I love them or appreciate them but for me I guess words quite literally say it all. They go so deep…speak so loud.  There's something so special about the life giving power of words.

And so I guess it was only a matter of time before I added greeting cards to the Living in Light Collection.  It was inevitable that I would want to share the beauty that comes from a love-filled, soul affirming handcrafted demonstration of love that is shown when we share cards and words from the heart.  So each card has a little bit of me in it.  Hope that doesn't sound wacky…haha…don't worry I don't cut a lock of hair and embed it into the paper, nor do I lick the edges of each end of the card to seal it with a bit of Bobbi…hehe…I just lovingly make each card by hand and as I make each card and think of the essence of the message I always speak Light, Love and Liberty over each piece.


This Thankful card which is the first card of the collection obviously speaks of being appreciative of someone or something.  But it's more than that.  It's a posture of grateful that goes beyond a greeting card.  It's a lifestyle.  I imagine someone buying this card for the chirpy cheeky chap who always gives out the free metro outside the local tube station…just to let them know that you are thankful for them, they are special, they are valued and their life's message is significant…and to just floor them with the amazement that a stranger would even want to love on them!!  I would love it if these cards weren't just bought because an occasion prompted the need to buy a card for someone - but because sensing the Life filled message within the card provoked you to think of someone you were thankful for or someone who had inspired you or someone who might be going through stuff and might just need a word to encourage them…

And although it may seem to be just be a few words on a bit of card…and although it may seem like a pretty small gesture in the scheme of things…yet on the contrary everything starts and ends with a Word.  Words do literally say it all.  They go so deep…they speak so loud.  There's really something just so special about the life giving power of words.

x x x