Countless Reason's To Be Excited in 2014...

Happy New Year beautiful ones, soooo excited about the new year...can't even contain it!

Amazing God thing happened today! Gotta share! Filled me with even more expectation and excitement about the future!

Basically, my mum is facing some hardcore financial battles at the moment with the Orphanage. She was even considering taking a loan. I was so grieved yesterday by this. I felt God tell me to ...wake her up last night and pray over the phone with her for breakthrough. The tangible presence of God while we prayed across the oceans was so heavy, that I actually felt myself being physically pushed down by the weight of God's nearness. We knew something had shifted when we finished praying. Now, all we needed to do was wait for the miracle.

I went to call her again this afternoon...the whole time I'm expecting God to show up on her behalf today somehow, some way...even if it's just some of the amount. As I pick up my phone to call her I see an email from Just Giving telling me someone had anonymously donated over £700 (including gift aid) to the Immanuel Orphanage Just Giving Page this afternoon. My mouth dropped. I smiled in wonder...this page hasn't had any activity for six months. In fact, it was meant to expire today. Wow.

I love how He shows up in the most unexpected ways!! !! How good is HE? How loving? How caring? How very faithful? Maaan! This is the God we serve. Let's be soooo encouraged as we enter this new year...we have the most INCREDIBLE GOD on our side...loving us...leading us...taking care of us...taking us on the most delightful love adventure ever...! We have everything to look forward to as we embark on a new year...absolutely everything! xxx

Whoever made that you thank you thank you for your obedience...may you be blessed beyond your wildest dreams!!  x