Maharani...Indian Princess

Maharani means Indian Princess.  It's the name of the new Living in Light Collection and I am super delighted with all that stands for.  In this collection I wanted to capture my beautiful nation India...the colours...the traditions...the vibrancy...whilst staying true to Living in Light's edgy signature style.

I envisioned colours that would make some one want to explode with joy coupled with cuts that were not only original but super comfortable.  I wanted to create a collection of vibrant statement pieces that made the wearer feel amazing and super confident.   Each piece would be like a royal robe...worn with sweet abandon...complete liberty and childlike delight...  

The wearer would be like an "Indian Princess" so free in her Father's complete rest in who she where she who's she she freely danced in Royal Gardens...surrounded by beautiful colours and treasures of the Kingdom...inhaling the sweet aroma of life and enjoying the lush surroundings of all that has been lavished upon her...irrevocably secure in the Kings Love.