Woman To Woman


This week I had a super cool chat with Maria Rodrigues on the Woman to Woman show with Premier Christian Radio. Getting into the nitty gritty of sex, dating and a little bit of my story of finding the living Saviour at the age of twelve amidst a world of stone idols, rituals and religion.

Loved chatting to Maria. She is such a super cool interviewer. Invested and attentive and super easy to chat to on and off air. Thanks so much for having me Premier Radio!!!

To listen to the show feel free to head over to: https://www.premierchristianradio.com/Shows/Weekday/Woman-to-Woman/Interviews/Former-Hindu-speaks-about-celibacy

The Scandal of Communion

Image credit: Pinterest

Image credit: Pinterest

I broke bread by myself earlier today, as I often do - to symbolically remind myself that my life is built upon the power of Christ's death and resurrection - no matter what might be going on in my circumstances or within my soul.  As I took the elements and meditated on who Christ is and what He has done for me and for all mankind, I found myself getting deliciously hammered by His goodness and His flawless, perfect love. As I pondered the price that Jesus paid on the cross when He shed His blood so that I could have a relationship with Father God, I found myself getting so so wrecked with fresh amazement and awestruck wonder at the scandal of being in a heart to heart relationship with the most important, most transcendent, most powerful, wisest, most loving, kindest, most beautiful, most significant being that could ever exist. 

I mean how can this even be? That we, mere humans beings, intricately flawed, dysfunctional, insignificant, selfish and broken - would be in an intimate relationship with GOD Almighty? And not just a distant acquaintance but a profound mutual "knowing" that reaches the very depth of our being - fully accepted, loved, embraced and called sons and daughters of God - boldly permitted to come to the Father's throne, day or night, whether we be clean or dirty, righteous or unrighteousness...pure or unpure? That we be called friends of God?  Of God!!! OF GOD??!!!! Flip! Whaaaatttt??? How can this lofty inconceivable privilege even be our reality?

Yet all made miraculously possible and available because of the blood shed by God's Son Jesus, who is the only complete representation of God.  Through Him and Him alone we get to meet God, we get to know and see God.  We get to be in unhindered, love drenched relationship with God.  This is wild. God's love is SO SO wild It's a love that's so scandalous. Actually quite ridiculous. So inconceivably undeserved. That God Almighty who is LOVE personified, would send His own precious, perfect Son to demonstrate the fullness of His Father's love, by dying for an unlovable, sinful world - by becoming the very Lamb of God, the perfect sacrifice for an imperfect world. And in doing so the Father's love would be revealed.

And then those that would accept this gift of extravagant love - this very torturous cruxifuction, the sacrificial breaking of the body of the Son of God - carried out on their behalf - would become the very body of Christ - the Bride of Christ - who the Father would then lovingly prepare, with great care and delight, to present to His Son in divine marriage. His beautiful, beautiful Son Jesus. 

Jesus. Glorious One. Oh so so beautiful is His nature, His fragrant aroma, His flawless character and irresistible personality. Who could resist? His incredible nature causes the body - His bride - to literally adore Him, to be love struck. Enamoured forever more.  His beauty compels and drives us to live lives of inconceivable love, faith, risk and power because we are all so besotted with Him. And the whole while we are falling in love with Jesus we are seeing more of God revealed. And this is what floats God's boat I reckon - having His creation receive revelation of His nature by falling in love with His Son. Yet all because God loved us first and sent His Son to die in our place, to save us from perishing and to bring us into an intimate relationship with Him.

This is crazy. It's thee most scandalous, inconceivable, almost ridiculous demonstration of love that could ever exist. And we are recipicients of it. Recipients of an eternal love jackpot which is so so beyond our merit or even beyond our reciprocation of it.  Yet reciprocate we must. For how could we not? How could we ever take lightly such a love? How could we ever fail to lavishly respond to a love so wild, so free, so unconditional? So undeserved. Yet a love which we were made for. A love that now defines us, shapes us and renders us wrecked in the most delicious way for all of our days.



I found myself being braver than ever last night.  Invited by the gorgeous Georgia Coy to share at Balham Vineyard’s Brave Talk Event. I risked unveiling more of myself than I had ever thought I could. Yet with every passing day, I am compelled to be the most transparent I can be...for in Truth I find my freedom. And in my petrifying yet liberating nakedness I am assured that others will be unshackled to find their own freedom too. 

Open Doors

Happy New Year!!!


This new year has began with such a bang that my chin is still on the floor!! My heart is so filled with expectation about all that this year carries and all that God is wanting to pour out into our lives in this year. It's the year of new beginnings and it's the year of open doors...and you better believe it. I sure am.  In fact the doors that have swung wide open - quite literally as I stepped over the threshold, into 2018 are totally blowing my mind...the ease at which things have been kicking into gear with the new Sacred Sexuality book is quite deliciously unfathomable. Not quite sure what to do with it aside from believe it, enjoy it, receive it and expect it to continue all through this mighty fine year...not just for me, but for every single one of us. 

I am determined to remain in a place of expectation. To remain hemmed in by the goodness of God, standing firm on Christ as the confession of my hope, the anchor of my soul. Unwavering. Unshakeable.   Setting my face like flint - fixed firmly upon the kind intent of God towards me, and His desire, promise and provision over me...His ability to make this the best year of my life, so far. And yours.  I am resolved in my spirit that no matter what may happen, I will refuse to be anxious, I will refuse to enter into undustrubedness, I will refuse to lose my peace.  No matter what my external circumstances may look like I will know that I will know that I will know that God has got me, He's got the situation and He has already orchestrated the victory! I will choose to believe and not doubt. I will choose to pray and not fret.

I am so serious about living a worry free year. Why should I worry about a thing? I've got Romans 8:28 surrounding me. He works all things together for our good. Why worry?  We have been hemmed in by victory and when the poo hits the fan I can either stand on the truth of the finished work knowing that God is faithful and won't let me down and I can choose to enjoy Him even in the struggles. OR I can worry and be anxious and doubt and be in unrest. The outcome will the same no matter what - God will come through either way but the journey through the struggle won't be an opportunity to abide and grow in God...it will just be a painful time that God doesn't want for me. He wants good for me. All the time. Every one of His thoughts towards me are good.

In some ways for me the very first doors of this year that have appeared to have swung open are the ones in my mind. Stuff that God has been doing in my thinking patterns for quite some time now, has gained a clarity and I'm changing the way that I think.  He has been challenging me deeply for quite some time now about how I see myself.  How I see my position as a child of God. Asking me if I understand what it actually means to be a son of God? To think like royalty and dream like a son?  Or will I remain simply serving as a steward in the king's palace?  Or worst still will I stay imprisoned in a mindset of orphanhood, a waif mentality...a slave. No way! I AM thinking big. I refuse to remain small. It's not an option for me.  I am a daughter of God and I will think like royalty. 

Therefore I am expecting the fulfilment of dreams in a radical way this year. I am expecting things to come through in the most mind-blowing way! I am expecting provision, resources, expansion, creativity to show up in unprecedented ways. I am expecting Living in Light to grow and expand. I am expecting masses to be impacted by the new book. I am expecting to have wealth. I am expecting to be taken higher than ever before. And I'm not settling for less. This is the year of open doors - I've stepped through. Have you? 


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