New Beginnings

Happy New Year!!!


This new year has began with such a bang that my chin is still on the floor!! My heart is so filled with expectation about all that this year carries and all that God is wanting to pour out into our lives in this year. It's the year of new beginnings and it's the year of open doors...and you better believe it. I sure am.  In fact the doors that have swung wide open - quite literally as I stepped over the threshold, into 2018 are totally blowing my mind...the ease at which things have been kicking into gear with the new Sacred Sexuality book is quite deliciously unfathomable. Not quite sure what to do with it aside from believe it, enjoy it, receive it and expect it to continue all through this mighty fine year...not just for me, but for every single one of us. 

I am determined to remain in a place of expectation. To remain hemmed in by the goodness of God, standing firm on Christ as the confession of my hope, the anchor of my soul. Unwavering. Unshakeable.   Setting my face like flint - fixed firmly upon the kind intent of God towards me, and His desire, promise and provision over me...His ability to make this the best year of my life, so far. And yours.  I am resolved in my spirit that no matter what may happen, I will refuse to be anxious, I will refuse to enter into undustrubedness, I will refuse to lose my peace.  No matter what my external circumstances may look like I will know that I will know that I will know that God has got me, He's got the situation and He has already orchestrated the victory! I will choose to believe and not doubt. I will choose to pray and not fret.

I am so serious about living a worry free year. Why should I worry about a thing? I've got Romans 8:28 surrounding me. He works all things together for our good. Why worry?  We have been hemmed in by victory and when the poo hits the fan I can either stand on the truth of the finished work knowing that God is faithful and won't let me down and I can choose to enjoy Him even in the struggles. OR I can worry and be anxious and doubt and be in unrest. The outcome will the same no matter what - God will come through either way but the journey through the struggle won't be an opportunity to abide and grow in will just be a painful time that God doesn't want for me. He wants good for me. All the time. Every one of His thoughts towards me are good.

In some ways for me the very first doors of this year that have appeared to have swung open are the ones in my mind. Stuff that God has been doing in my thinking patterns for quite some time now, has gained a clarity and I'm changing the way that I think.  He has been challenging me deeply for quite some time now about how I see myself.  How I see my position as a child of God. Asking me if I understand what it actually means to be a son of God? To think like royalty and dream like a son?  Or will I remain simply serving as a steward in the king's palace?  Or worst still will I stay imprisoned in a mindset of orphanhood, a waif mentality...a slave. No way! I AM thinking big. I refuse to remain small. It's not an option for me.  I am a daughter of God and I will think like royalty. 

Therefore I am expecting the fulfilment of dreams in a radical way this year. I am expecting things to come through in the most mind-blowing way! I am expecting provision, resources, expansion, creativity to show up in unprecedented ways. I am expecting Living in Light to grow and expand. I am expecting masses to be impacted by the new book. I am expecting to have wealth. I am expecting to be taken higher than ever before. And I'm not settling for less. This is the year of open doors - I've stepped through. Have you? 


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Already A Winner

I have got so much love for Nao.  British Singer, Songwriter. Creative extraordinaire.  So gifted. Yet humble to the max. Heart of gold.  Beautiful inside and out.  I love that she wore bespoke Living in Light to the Mobo Awards. I love that she is such a champion of Living in Light and I love that she is so honouring. Up for two awards, she didn't win in either category.  It makes no difference. Ha.  Because she isn't looking for the affirmation of the crowd...or props from the industry. She's a girl who is self assured and simply wanting to live her art. She gets my vote anytime. And though she isn't seeking the praise of the masses she is adored all over the place. When it comes to the industry, no matter how many award ceremonies may come and go...this superstar has already won.


Soul Master


I ask my SOUL... 

Why are you downcast? 

God LIVES in you...

God is within you...


 I encourage my SOUL...

You shouldn't be downcast...

God LIVES in you...

God is within YOU!


I SPEAK to my soul... 

DON'T be downcast!

God LIVES in you.

God is WITHIN you!


I TELL my soul... 

YOU WON'T be downcast!




Robes And Rings At The Ready...


Today is Christmas Day. The sweetest thing happened with God.  Oh wow.  I tasted a little of what the prodigal son experienced in Luke 15, when he came back home after squandering his inheritance and hanging with the pigs...and was met so beautifully by his merciful Father. Obviously I haven't been backsliding or squandering my stuff...but I had definitely drifted away from the beautiful presence of God over the last week. I'd been feeling so burnt out...ended up being quite lazy...sleeping too much...catching a cold....needing rest but knowing I needed to meet my book writing to try and catch up on writing I hadn't been spending time in the secret place with Jesus. I would just pray in the morning and then crack on with writing.  At night, before sleep I'd be watching TV to zone out.  My mind felt a little disengaged from God.  I missed Him so much. When I opened my eyes this morning and remembered it was Christmas Day my heart sunk a little because I was like..."Dad I've been away all week in my heart and I'm scared that I won't be "present" with you in my heart the way you deserve today...on this super special day to celebrate your Son, it sucks that I just don't feel spiritual...I feel numb...and I don't know even know how to seek your face because my heart feels cold...and kind of zoned out...etc etc etc.

I got out of bed, brushed my teeth and then standing in the kitchen I started to pray. I began to apologise and to explain to Jesus that I knew I hadn't really given Him my time this week, the way that He deserves, even when I could have. I wanted to be honest and confess to Him my shortcomings.  I wanted to share with Him my desperation to see His face.  That I missed Him. As I began to pray I wondered if I would be able to press in and meet with Him. Would I be able to get beyond the outer court into the Holy of Holies?  Was there a chance that I would have the delight of even glimpsing His beautiful face.  Yet before I could even get beyond the first couple of sentences suddenly He came. He floored me instantly with His love. I began to weep.  I felt His embrace all around me.  I began to laugh out loud with fresh delight at His scandalous mercy. I cried and laughed at the same time, repeatedly telling Him how crazy His love was. I suddenly felt the way I am convinced the prodigal son must have felt.  Before his son could even vocalise the apology he must have been rehearsing his entire journey home, the father was already telling his servant to fetch his robe...get the signet ring...prepare the feast because my son has come home.

Thats exactly how I felt. We had a feast right there. It was so glorious. Please don't get me wrong, I am not unfamiliar with Gods mercy and scandalous grace and I have been a recipient of it millions of times. I can't even tell you of how many occasions just like today when I have wondered just how I will see Gods face after where I've just been...or what I've just said...or thought...or done, and instantly He has taken me into the most holy place of His presence.  I never can take that access for granted and every single time He opens His heart up to me in that way I am undone.  Yet what I love so much about today was that this morning -  Christmas Day - was totally meant to be all about about glorifying Him and lavishing Him with my affection and devotion in a fresh way to say thank you for Who He is and what He did. Yet rather than prep my heart for it over the last week I'd been so disengaged. Rather than pray before I went to sleep last night I'd watched TV to switch off. Heaven had every right to be a little aloof given I'd been a little distant over the last week. Heaven would have been totally qualified to make it a little bit difficult to press in considering how unspiritual I was feeling on such a special occasion, where in fact it should have been about sincerely appreciating that Jesus was the greatest gift ever. 

Yet He floored me with His scandalous love and once again, rather than the shoulda, woulda, coulda's, He simply made it about His incredible goodness.  Like totally. Not only did He totally mash me up afresh with His love, His mercy and Father's embrace but He flooded me with holy laughter...something I have been asking for and praying for.  I was literally overcome with holy giggles as I stood there in my kitchen in fits of laughter at the crazy, unfathomable love of our Father.  It went on for ages.  It felt so delicious.  I can't believe that only minutes earlier I had been wondering if I would even have the opportunity to glimpse His glory today...HAAAA...only to encounter the sweetest communion ever. Literally got swept off my sweep...had a robe placed around me...signet ring straight in my finger...partay partay partay before I could even say "Papa I'm sorry!!" Oh my gosh, I simply cannot get over what a beautiful, perfect, Father in heaven we have. I am SO SO SO in awe of His Son, His Spirit and His scandalous love.

Time and time again I have been knocked out by just how lavish our God is with His presence. He is not like man. When someone is aloof, distracted or disengaged from us, as humans we have the tendency to withhold our affection...guard our hearts, protect our space just in case we get rejected again right? Not God. No matter how unfaithful we are, He never ever withholds His presence or His love from us.  Instead, even when we are unfaithful...He is always there just like the Father in the parable...waiting to meet our gaze the moment we choose to look in the direction of His beauty once again...He runs towards us...arms wide open...rings and robes at the ready...having already prepared a feast in the presence of our enemies...ready to celebrate our prodigal hearts, however far...however close...returning home to Abba Father. Aaaah love. Sweet love.

Merry Christmas Jesus....Son of God...Darling of heaven. You my sweet love, are the greatest gift of all. x