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I cannot take any credit whatsoever for the original Bianca Harem Design.  The edgy, vibrant, Harem Pants style is named after my beautiful friend Bianca who I saw wearing the original style back in the summer of 2008…rocking her African Printed Harem Pants, trailblazing years ahead of the fashion world…looking pretty darn sensational,  and before long I had her permission to reproduce them.  How simply incredible!  It is no small thing when someone allows something so praiseworthy, unique, and personal to them to become someone else’s treasure.  Not many would do that…honestly speaking I don’t know if I would have done that… I will always be grateful to Bianca’s generosity and championing heart for sowing the original Bianca Harems concept into Living in Light.  Without her support Living in Light just wouldn’t be the funky, cool cat that it is…

And since the original seed, the Bianca Style has certainly matured!! The steadfast signature style, now offers Bianca Harem High-waisted Pants, Bianca Harem Jumpsuits, Limited addition Glamour Range Harems, Kid’s Bianca’s and coming soon the new Bianca Harem Denim range and Indian Collection of Bianca Harem Pieces.  They are ever amazing…ever evolving.

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