Meet ESTHER – perceived by everyone as the life and soul of the party, yet secretly dying on the inside. Living the fast and furious lifestyle of a typical London chick caught up in the trappings of drugs, sex and alcohol, her life is radically changed when one night she encounters Josh – an enigmatic Christian.  Presenting the Gospel to her in an irresistible way she dares to give this “God” a try. But things are just not as simple as she had hoped as she struggles to adapt to her new life of faith.  Yet to her amazement, God’s grace draws her into a relationship with Him that she had never thought possible…and slowly but surely her life begins to change for the better…with incredible consequences.

Meet AMBER – Esther’s kid sister - she’s the intrepid risk taker living an eventful, but inconsequential life of dangerous debauchery.  Yet longing for a life of true significance and power, she is intrigued as she watches her older sister Esther walk away from a reckless lifestyle to pursue a life of purpose.  Tempted to follow in her sister’s footsteps she is torn between her familiar life of hedonism or the chance to know her Creator and potentially live a life of purpose that could even make a difference to the world she lives in.

Meet JOSH – the ex-convict with a hard heart, who falls in love with God in reckless abandon. An ardent worshipper and passionate youth leader he lives a life of power and joy. Until one day when an expected tragedy tears his world apart. Unable to make sense of things, he walks away from his faith, deeply confused and angry with God.  Broken and bitter he pursues a life without faith, his heart hardening as he determines to never trust anyone again.  Yet can he live like this?  Can he allow the past to rob him of his destiny?  Can he truly afford to remain a prisoner of his pain or will he find the grace and strength to finally forgive his God and love again?

Meet OMAR – Stuck in a total rut. Working in his parents off license, he is entangled in addictions, devoid of ambition and barren of dreams. Often overcome with depression and anxiety, he is unaware that there could be a better life available to him until one day he is challenged to consider Christ.  A Muslim, he is filled with indignation at the thought and determines to disprove Christianity.  Embarking on a personal quest to find out the truth, he is shocked to discover that his pursuit of knowledge reveals a zeal in him he had never known.  For the first time he finds himself filled with passion and truly invested in something.  Yet as he diligently compares the two faiths he finds herself discovering far more than he bargained for.