Bobbi Kumari, founder

Bobbi Kumari, founder

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Living in Light is my humble little platform, to celebrate the unconventionally beautiful….and to be able to release what’s brewing inside of me!! It could be absolutely might be something to wear...a piece of jewellery...a painting...a sermon...a thought shared in a blog post...or even a book...but whatever it is, it’s better out there being shared and maybe even earning me a buck than sitting in my head as a mere idea...a redundant concept…or a woulda shoulda coulda scenario like it once was!  You see, I went through the longest period of having all this creativity inside of me and not knowing how to release it!  I was a full time teacher...facilitating creativity in hundred's of kids at a time, year upon year and slowly dying on the inside...well maybe not dying...that's a bit I'm a believer in Christ so I have a river of LIFE flowing through me...BUT it felt like I was dying!!  It was this constant yearning to give birth to all the ideas that had been in my heart for months, years...even decades.

I wasn't even sure where to begin...but one day after years of procrastinating, mourning and aching on the inside, I made my first four pairs of trousers...during a half term break from school. I decided to simply begin with what was in my hands.  Literally.  A pair of scissors and some fabric were all I had.  A week off and a large space in my classroom was all I had. I had no idea how far I'd get with my first little creations but I was grateful I had somehow begun.  Yet it wasn't until God clearly spoke to my heart and told me I was about to resign from my job that my creativity found it's wings.  He didn't say where would work next, or specifically what I would do.  He simply told me to trust Him.  And from that place of trusting I began to create.  Not knowing what tomorrow would bring or how I would pay my bills I simply began to create.

Suddenly I found that once I started the process of dreaming and making...years of creativity began to unlock.  Being multi-faceted when it comes to gifts and talents, I found myself producing product after product, idea after idea...heart's desire after heart's desire...drawing upon different streams of creativity...each different element being ignited by the same spark...the desire to live in light...through my demonstration of God's love...through all that I was and had the potential to be...and then building others up to also live in light...boldly...creatively...passionately...purposefully.    

For me, taking what you receive and then pouring it out into someone else is a massive aspect of Living in Light - you know, investing in the lives around you instead of hoarding a gift or a talent.  That's certainly the vision behind the workshops and consultancy.  The Workshops allow me to teach others a skill set with the goal of equipping them to launch their own creative projects.

The Image Consultancy supports women in their journey to discovering and celebrating their own uniquely beautiful personal sense of style. I just love working with women who want to broaden their sense of style and confidence...or just want someone to come alongside unleash their dream and scheme together...and to make it happen...we start by talking loads...praying together…then we think style, shape and preference...we have a lil wardrobe overhaul...we go shopping and build up a new look that literally explodes the confidence...changes perspective and open doors to ventures afresh...

And then we have all the Sacred Sexuality and Intimacy stuff which is SO close to my heart. I have a mad mad passion to see people give up all their junk and be so powerfully pure and free because they discover just how loved and precious they are.  I am so passionate about a generation rewiring their desire from all counterfeit intimacy and embracing true intimacy which is built first and foremost upon God's fiery, perfect, reckless love!  This is the thing that probably sets my heart most on fire.

Yet all of it...whether it's the spiritual stuff...the fashion...the building people up...the arts...the teaching...ALL of it is a delight and through this little platform I get to live this stuff every single day...a life of abiding in love and living in Light. x

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