Eclectic.  Original.  Full of flair and fun.  The beautiful so much more than my model.  Her fashion flair, passion and panache has so enhanced the way in which Living in Light has been captured and conveyed on camera.  She is most certainly a timeless Muse and ever present Stylist for all the shoots.  Her professionalism and passion are both mind-blowing.  She will most often than not bring with her a massive suitcase to each shoot filled with shoes, accessories, jewellery and make up that will not only compliment her allocated outfits but take the look to a whole new level.  Not only that, but the way she moves in front of the camera is so crazy mad amazing…the camera goes flash flash flash and Annabel effortlessly creates one ultra-fabulous pose after another and literally stops traffic!  She is SUCH a joy to have on a shoot…so gracious…yet childlike…so funny…yet professional…so knowledgeable about fashion…yet totally yielded to my vision…love her like crazy and always excited about working with her…



Bianca is THE Bianca in the Bianca Pants.  She is behind the signature Living in Light piece and the first pair ever made was made based on her own Harem Pants.  As the label has evolved, so has Bianca's input into the development of the Bianca style.  Her role has progressed to Creative Director for the brand and her creative direction in each collection is paramount.  She continues to contribute...inspire...champion Living in Light in a thousand ways and she wears the products soooo darn well...whether it's the African Print Harems...high waisted Indian Harems, the new Maharani range or the Accessories range...she makes them all look lush...and not only that she's also the beauty who designed this website...a deeply talented chick with a beautiful mind.

Bianca 10.jpg


My little niece Cameron is a delight when it comes to Living in Light - you'll see her modelling the kids wear range but she's also amazing in the workshop helping me with admin, despatch and anything else that needs doing!  Her dynamic, fun and vivacious personality definitely radiates when she is modelling and her innate ability to reflect the essence of what Living in Light is all about totally floats my boat.

It’s a beautiful thing to be able to create with someone so precious to you in mind and then to see them in the products wearing them in a way that far exceeds your own imagination…you’re like…yay…this is really good…When I ask Cameron what she wants to be when she’s older and she tells me that she wants to be a teacher, who teaches fashion…I smile because I know she totally gets that from me…she also wants to have her own business and she wants to work at Living in Light when she’s a bit older…smiles. I love how she has seen Living in Light grow and take on a life of its own...Living in Light inspires her...and that excites me!

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