No Shifting Shadows...

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“Whatever is good and perfect is a gift coming down to us from God our Father, who created all the lights in the heavens. He never changes or casts a shifting shadow.” James‬ ‭1:17‬ ‭(NLT‬‬)

2015 definitely had its valley seasons - some serious poo pits if I'm gonna keep it real - yep some of my most wounded, disillusioned and broken times in the Lord seemed to have taken place during the Spring and Summer of last year.  Yet for the most part the year was scandalously delicious. Like literally, my mouth was constantly left open in complete awe and wonder at what I saw God do in my life this last year. Despite the wilderness. Despite the trials. And as He dazzled me with His incredible INCREDIBLE kindness I came to recognise in a radical way that I would gladly walk through the valleys of 2015 again and again because in those places of rock bottom His goodness was unveiled to me, like never before. Such unchanging, constant, innate goodness.

For me, that is the only way that I can sum up 2015. It was the year that I truly came face to face with God's kindness. His beautiful faithfulness. His inherent goodness towards us - all the matter the matter the reasons or the seasons, this God we serve always always always always always always always forever and ever every single moment of every single hour of every single day...has thoughts of nothing but goodness towards us.  Therefore whatever happens, or doesn't happen...we can trust that His goodness is at work. We don't trust His intervention as much as we trust His perfect nature...His nature of LOVE PERSONIFIED. We don't expect Him to somehow show up and show off in our isolated circumstances, need to need, incident to incident...situation to situation...but we come to know that we know that we know that He is, in His goodness - always working on our behalf, twenty four seven - in every detail of our lives - to bring about good - whether it feels like it or not...whether it looked like what we thought it would...whether we recognised it or not.

Loads of you may already have had that revelation, so game on, for that. But for me, this indelible truth has been etched so deeply upon my heart this year in an unprecedented way - I feel like my faith in His loving, kind, perfect nature has bought me to a new place to strength, confidence, assurance. It makes me fall in love with Him even more. The butterflies I get in my belly whenever I think of God's love seem to have found a new melody...and since I have become even more intimately acquainted with the inherent goodness of God - this heart of mine seems to be beating to a new rythmn. And I looooove it. It's the rythmn of God's inherent, steadfast, goodness - pulsating as an all powerful backdrop to the song of our lives...and slowly but surely, as I have navigated through the valleys and mountain tops of 2015, the steady rythmn of God's inherent, unfailing, always loving, perfect goodness - is becoming to constant as my own heartbeat.