Living in Light strongly believes in the message of Sexual Purity.

In a world where "Sex Sells", where cheap thrills are the norm and promiscuity is part and parcel of every day life, the message of Sexual Purity has never been more relevant. 

Whether it's via the media, Hollywood or the culture of society in general, Sex has been seriously misrepresented, and the beauty of Sex according to God's way has been ruthlessly distorted.  What we see presented as Sex through literature, films, magazines, music videos and the like, although extremely glamourised, is actually robbing mankind of it's purity, power and purpose.

There is however an incredible way to enjoy Sex and a thousand reasons to preserve yourself from mishandling your sexuality.

Listen To A Recent Talk on Empowering Sexual Purity @ Commonwealth Church, London.



NEW! The Sacred Sexuality Series is now online!  A very candid six part series exploring different areas of sexuality from a Biblical perspective.  

Podcasts from previous Sacred Sexuality Sessions are available online:

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Sacred Sexuality Part 2 - Porniea 

Sacred Sexuality Part 3 - True Intimacy

Sacred Sexuality Part 4 - Single Sexuality & Relationships

Sacred Sexuality Part 5A - Marital Sex

Sacred Sexuality Part 5B - Marital Sex Interview

Sacred Sexuality Part 6 - Restoration


To request a Sexual Purity talk at your church, small group or school please contact Living in Light via email.